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A Nonprofit

Eco-Friendly Organization

Positive change to eradicate barriers of access and privilege of education to the pre school children of Bangladesh in an exceptional, eco-friendly architectural facility.

Arcadia Education Project a Nonprofit Floating School in Bangladesh

Through the power of quality pre-school education enabling moral, spiritual and intellectual enlightenment.

Razia Alam and Her Team Receiving Aga Khan Award for Architecture, Arcadia Education Project

Who we are

Maleka Welfare Trust, a private social welfare organization, purchased a patch of land to relocate one of their preschools and develop additional social facilities, such as a hostel for single women, a nursery and a vocational training centre.

Underprivileged Student During Their Class, Arcadia Education Project

What we do

Arcadia Education Project is a simple solution created to help poor, orphan, vulnerable and disaster affected children throughout Bangladesh.  We are not only educating the children, We are form the very pre-school age teaching values of sustainable environment. Today adverse hazard of life, living and against nature. So we are trying to tell them how to sustain this planet and our own vulnerable Bangladesh, with this in view where we use all natural we established this school in a low lying area where we use all natural materials and a design that overcome the problem of the flood effected region in Bangladesh.

Underprivileged Children's are Playing in Open Air Play Zone, Arcadia Education Project

How you help

There are many ways to get involved with Arcadia Education Project from sponsoring a child to, volunteering or participating in an open challenge.  We have various opportunities, all of which make a difference to the lives of children living in abject poverty.

he major Problem In Bangladesh for underprivileged children

Underprivileged children education

Around 4.6 million children of primary school age are not pursuing their education is a major Problem In Bangladesh for underprivileged children Education. Some 6.2 million children, that is more than 1 in 4 school-age children, are currently out of school, particularly in urban slums and hard-to-reach areas. Of them, some 4.6 million children are of primary-school-age

The Aga Khan Award for Architecture 2019, Received by Arcadia Education Project

The Prestigious Aga Khan Award

We built our school which will sustain the flood and advertise weather. For this a team of architect were engineered who’s sustainable design won the Aga Khan award. This prestigious award presented to us after the Aga Khan committee inspected and found that we have put forward a plan and constructed a school for environment friendly an sustainable. 

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Make a difference

We working to ensure better outcomes for children in pre-school education across the world.

How your donation is invested

Support Hopeful

We believe that learning changes lives. Our programs extend from early childhood through young adulthood, empowering at-risk children and youth to create a better future for themselves and their families through high quality education, youth development, and community enrichment.

Start Changing Lives

Every child deserves the opportunity to learn. Thanks to people like you. The children works every day to ensure all children have the best chance to learn with nature.

Volunteer for People

“Children who are deprived of, I wouldn’t say luxury, but from the pleasures of life need a good education. If you have a good education, that will provide you with a better job even if they do not become a highly qualified person but have some basic knowledge, people do not take advantage of them. Even if they become a laborer, they know will how to lead a decent life.”

Razia Alam, Founder of Arcadia Education Project, Chairperson of Maleka Welfare Trust, Dhaka, Bangladesh

“One person can make all the difference for a child across the globe…Children International is living proof that, although helping just one person can seem like a drop in the ocean, that drop can be a person’s whole world. One by one…we will change the world for the better.”

Razia Alam

Get Involved

Your contribution and influence can bring out an entire underprivileged community from the darkness of illiteracy and ignorance

Help an uneducated child

Your donation will provide an educational support to children at their dire need.

Support an illiterate child

You can sponsor a particular child’s full education support entirely so that one child may not have any disruption during its education.

Become a sponsor of changing lives

Your sponsorship and donation can change lives of countless underprivileged children from the darkness of illiteracy and ignorance as well as help them get the support they so desperately need.

Create Hope

When Communities Thrive, People Thrive. Moral education is Just The Beginning.