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The Project Story

The Arcadia Education Project for Underprivileged Children


The Arcadia Education Project aims to educate Underprivileged Children pre-schooling education that comprehends moral compass and the sense of ecological safety by creating opportunities for their growth and sustainable development. At present Arcadia is providing education to 100 students at Savar, Near Itavara Bridge, South Kanarchor, Hazratpur, Hemayetpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh in an exceptional, eco-friendly and Aga Khan Award for Architecture winning facility.

This project will provide a daycare facility for the poor working parents where both father and mother are working parents. The Arcadia will also provide school items (school dress, monthly stipend, and educational materials) for 100 underprivileged children who come from the most climate-vulnerable place in the world. The arcadia will also monitor the graduates after successful completion of the preschool education form the Arcadia facility in the traditional education system so that the dropout rate can be decreased.

Needless to mention that these students belong to poor, marginalized and underprivileged families in Bangladesh. By providing these facilities and educational items we can increase the attendance of school students, encourage them to do better, reduce the dropout rate, child marriage and discrimination.


The floating Arcadia Education Project confronts the challenge of rising water levels, while making use of local, sustainable materials and techniques.

Architectural Design of Arcadia Education Project


Bangladesh has achieved 100% enrollment in primary education but 18.6% student drops out before high school (Banbeis,2018). The project will work directly with 100 ultra-poor students. However, lack of moral education is a primary factor encouraging poverty-stricken families to get involved in different criminal activities, drug abuse, and other socio-economic disorders. Without quality moral education, the underprivileged are unable to unlock their full potential and end up begging on the streets, some got addicted to drugs, and got involved in several socio-economic disorders.

Front View of Arcadia Education Project


The project will provide monthly stipends, transportation, and school items (copies, pen, pencil, shoes, school bag, school dress) to 100 students. A committee will be formed with teachers and parents through which ultra-poor children will be selected and the items will be provided. Also, build community responsibility and start big brother/sister initiative to encourage the need for quality education for every child regardless of their background among the community. Arcadia inclines to be the solution for thousands of children by providing a standard of education that addresses curriculum often lacking in Bangladesh’s education system. With qualified teachers through an all-inclusive approach, children can become well rounded, independent individuals.

Arcadia Education Project Keep Floating During The Monsoon Season

Long-Term Impact

Better education will allow these underprivileged children to break through the poverty cycle and help support their families, allowing them to pursue better opportunities, benefiting their families. The Free of Cost School Program will give access to new opportunities that they will be able to utilize to completely turn their life around and allowing them to break through from the vicious cycle of different criminal activities, drug abuse, and other socio-economic disorders.

Help today because tomorrow you may be the one who needs helping!