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Lack of Moral Education in Almost Every School

Human resources are a key aspect in the development of a nation. One of the human resources that are considered important is the younger generation. The role of young people as very important in the context of development in Bangladesh as an independent country. The attitudes can be realized as putting unity and the safety of the nation and country above personal interests, do not give up easily spirited renewal, and so on. Human resource development can be done through education of the family, school, and community. However, the younger generation is a cadre of development that are still potential, so it needs to be nurtured and developed in a focused and sustained through school educational institutions.Today, the very high demands of the times, people who are not qualified will be hard to get a job. One attempt to get a job or a decent life with take-up highest education. In the current era, people swarmed to get an education. Parents are willing to spend money to send their children to prestigious schools or favorite colleges, so their children’s future with a good education will get a good life anyway. It is one of the evidences, that education is very important. However, the assumption that amends in Bangladeshi society, namely education just to get a job, even though the benefits of education are not just to getting a job but is very broad, almost covering all aspects of life.While the goal of universal elementary education is a long way from being achieved, and affects the condition of education among children, even adult illiteracy has effects on them. Statistics have shown that children of uneducated mothers are more prone to problems like malnutrition and anemia. Illiterate adults are also less likely to send their children to school. Education is, in all probability, the most influential tool required to break the vicious intergenerational cycle of abuse, malnutrition, poverty and oppression. Literacy thus requires a lot of attention. However, education is a process that passes off since a person was a child to reach maturity think or adulthood. Education is something that cannot be separated from human life. Education was seen as the process of acquiring knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and other behavioral aspects to every generation. These efforts have been done entirely by the forces of society. Almost everything we learn is the result of our relationships with other people, whether at home, school, office, and others. Besides, wherever we are, we are going to learn and acquire knowledge.Through education, it will arise in a person to compete and motivate themselves to be better in every aspect of life. Some functions of education, among others, to develop and shape the personality, cultural transmission, social integration, innovation, and pre-allocation of labor. However, School as a formal institution implementation of education is the primary role holder of channelization science to students. The school is one educational center that expected to educate the nation, develop a human into the faithful, and useful to the nation and the country. One of the functions of the school is responsible for bringing about development according to valid regulations. Such as teaching materials are cognitive and guidance to affective aspects of students.Education in schools contains several activities including teaching, guidance, and training. Where the three activities should be run correctly, so that will birth a whole human being, intelligent and moralist, be able to survive with decent, and be able to adapt to the environment and changing of times that ongoing. However, most of teachers or education institutions in Bangladesh dominance only run one activity that is teaching. Guidance and training are lacking once applied in educational institutions. So that the students will only be intellectually smart but no provided guidance and training for a life that will be beneficial to life after plunging in the community.Now a day’s people prefer the quantitative value only, rather than the qualitative value which is the moral values that are beneficial to life. People to get a good report card or GPA, they are willing to do a variety of ways, one of them cheating, deceiving in exams, and so forth. This is a characteristic of people who prefer the value in the form of numbers, not put good moral values. An example is the act of corruption, collusion, and nepotism. They were once given the mandate; they prefer a personal interest than the public interest. That is characteristic of how low moral values in our nation. Whereas with that knowledge mediocre but good in moral values, this nation will prosper, especially with good knowledge and high moral values, no doubt will create a civil nation.

Lack of Moral Values

The next question that arises is that why do we need moral education? Moral education is an education to make children become a moral man. This means that moral education is that education is not about teaching academic, but non-academic in particular on how the attitudes and good behaviors every day. Unfortunately, at this time, Bangladesh has been minimal or almost no teachers who teach it. This is, of course, led to the destruction of the students’ morale at this time. Of course, this is one of the teacher’s job to educate their students to become human dignity. In the long run, the lack of moral education encourages people to engage in different unethical and criminal activities. The chances of falling into the darkness immorality for the underprivileged children are massive than that of the normal children. Consequently, immoral persons tend to push the nation backwards.

Moral values of underprivileged children

Underprivileged children constitute one of the most vulnerable and marginal groups in Bangladesh. “Underprivileged” is essentially the boys and girls for whom the streets, unoccupied dwellings, wastelands etc., have become homes and/or sources of livelihood, and who are inadequately protected or supervised by responsible adults. Government statistics, based on a survey by the Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies, a little less than half of them (49.2%) are of the age group. The major problems of street children are:
  • Insecure life

  • physical and sexual abuse by adults of the immediate community

  • harassment by law enforcing agencies

  • no, or inadequate, access to educational institutions and healthcare facilities

  • lack of decent employment opportunity

The situation in underprivileged children

The role of appropriate education for empowerment of children especially the disadvantaged groups like the street or working children has been unequivocally established. Article 17 of the Constitution of Bangladesh recognizes the right to education for all including the disadvantaged children. The National Plan of Action for Children (2005-2010) also clearly emphasizes the urgent need for “education and empowerment.” Along the same vein, the National Poverty Reduction Strategy of the country provides for education as a means of “empowerment of disadvantaged groups” including children.Notwithstanding the above official rhetoric, and despite a growing recognition of their vulnerability and disadvantaged status, there have been strikingly limited efforts to improve the condition of street children, especially by providing them with appropriate basic education. It will not be an exaggeration to note that this section of our society has largely remained outside the main ambit of developmental interventions.In Bangladesh, 30 percent of the overall population live in poverty despite achieving lower-middle income country status in 2016. Lack of quality education has been identified as one of the primary reasons which prevents poverty-stricken families to opt for opportunities of growth and development. In this case, underprivileged children are the worst sufferers as without proper education they fail to realize their full potential and unable to contribute to the national development process.The reasons for the importance of moral education in schools there are:First, poor moral education in schools makes education produces sophisticated criminals in the future. A good student, with a much wide range of knowledge, but morally defective, will be a dangerous tool destroyer society. The fault step in educating-forming activity, have led to the wrong type of man so terrible and dangerous to live together in the future.Second, humans are moral worth. Education is educating life. Life is not just a coincidence, but there are meanings and purpose in it. There, the students learn not to just learn cognitive knowledge, but how to implement their knowledge to makes life meaningful, both individually and in community. So, without a good moral life whole life becomes meaningless, or even be very negative. For what they are alive and exist in the world if only become destroyers and destroyer of society, bringing disgrace to the family, the environment and the state. Sometimes we are sorry for executing criminals, but preventive measures of childhood are not considered properly.Third, fault thought that man was a good man. Humans tend evil and sinful. That is why there needs to be education. Very difficult to form a human being a good person, but it is so easy for someone to become corrupted. If a child left alone, he would be inclined to do evil than to do good. When the man left without a good education, he will quickly adopt the behaviors of evil, even develop their negative creative power, rather he tried to adopt good behavior. Need an uphill battle to someone could adopt good behavior and develop positive creative power and morals. The moral element tends to be ignored, so far as it does not interfere with the self (and may disturb others). Need a serious effort for the student to become children of high moral standing, who lives an honest, fair, noble, holy, and integrity.To respond to the symptoms of moral decline in the scope of the education, the improvement of the implementation of moral education in schools is a herculean task and urged as the importance of a formal education institution that has a goal of producing students who are smart in terms of the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual question. It needs to be implemented in a comprehensive and using strategies and models in an integrated approach. The strategy can be realized by involving all the relevant elements in the process of learning or education, such as teachers, principals, parents, community leaders, and also the students themselves. The purpose of moral education is not merely to prepare students to swallow the concept of moral education, but more important is the establishment of good character, that is a person has moral knowledge, the role of moral feelings, and actions or immoral behavior.Many things can and need to do at school in moral education. Among them,First, any educational institution needs to consider not only the great degree of knowledge or teacher or professor but also his moral behavior. There needs to be a mechanism for checking human daily life education, not only his intellectual powers alone.Secondly, there needs to conduct an assessment English in schools. A student passes or take a class, not only measured by their intellectual abilities but also social skills, moral, mental and spiritual. Thus, the school truly pedagogical function correctly.Third, schools also need to regularly involve parents in moral development and moral supervision for their children. Schools should join hands with the parents in educating children, so the children running in integrated education.These things are very much neglected because it was considered too difficult for school. School just busy measure the intellectual ability of their students, and pride if children students succeed with high intellectual value and have a lot of knowledge. Now, this paradigm needs to be questioned and returned to basic education calls, that are forming a child into a man who truly matures morally, mentally, spiritually and intellectually.Teachers, government, and others must start to jointly improve the morale of teenagers today. By regard to the activities that need to be done in the application process of moral education, to do with changing of the curriculum by the acceleration of domestic politics, so the moral education should also be reviewing to follow competition velocities in global competition.

Initiative of Arcadia

Arcadia Education Project focuses on creating an equitable world regardless of ethnicity, location, religious & sexual orientation by empowering the most marginalized. It believes education is the strongest weapon to break the cycle of poverty which can open opportunities for income, growth and sustainable development.


This country requires an intelligent generation, wise and morally so that they can balance the harmony of faith and development in the progress of time. School environment as well as other educational institutions (formal and informal), communities and families should be prepared to build a shared commitment to support that desire. Because this is the fate of the Bangladeshi nation and morality depends on the younger generation. Of course, it is not easy, but if tried it would get good results later.